It's your party!

Your birthday? A bachelor party? Something special to celebrate? Charlie Brown is the place to be for your party.
Why spend all your energy stabbing in organizing a party yourself? And so the risk that something goes wrong?
Just invite your friends to Charlie Brown and enjoy a great night out with everyone. No stress.
Extensive drinks menu, snacks, special acts, the best dance music ... You're welcome!
Charlie Brown also has a separate room, with a bar that is open regularly for various concepts.


Some advantages to celebrate your birthday at Charlie Brown:


You can reserve a table for you and your friends (up to 21:30).
We treat the lucky one on a cocktail!
For the whole table we serve hot snacks.
If accepted: party pics of the year on the LED screens.
Discount for the lucky one when you buy drink tokens.

Your party or concept in Charlie Brown? Just pop in or contact us via this website. Simple as that!